Branding Yourself into a Corner

BrandingCornerI find time and time again that one of the most common mistakes that small and new business owners make is that they do something I call “Branding Themselves into a Corner.”

They start out with an idea for a business, and in their need to “get to the first steps” they just throw together a “brand” and charge on, eager to get those first transactions coming through. VERY understandable. I have done this myself in my early entrepreneurial days. But you invariably find that the “brand” or lack thereof, that you have created has limited you as you try to grow and expand. Without intentionally deciding what it is that you want to build, you will end up with a hodgepodge for an online presence that is unlikely to evoke the emotional response you’re shooting for.

cheshire_cat_quote_posterThat Cheshire cat may have been totally off his rocker, but he hit the nail on the head when Alice pushed him for answers about which path to take. “If you don’t know where you are going, ANY road will get you there.” And you won’t even know when you’ve arrived.

As a branding expert, I thoroughly love this part of the journey. I get invigorated at at process of getting my hands into someone’s brand. We talk about their hopes and dreams and visions for all that they want to do. Many people I work with have never properly DREAMED about all that they can do with the platform they’re building. Often they will have thought about it, but vaguely. I take them through a calculated and proven process to gently push their limits to see where they are. We explore possibilities that you likely never thought about and I ask strategic and experienced questions that will prevent you from making, sometimes very costly, mistakes down the road.

The sooner in your process you can get a branding expert on board the better. Invest in your business and invest in yourself.

Branding Intuitive is the best because we not only take you through the process but really get to KNOW your business, and you, so that we can accurately express all that you’re doing through images, social media and most especially your website. All too often I meet business owners that are far more amazing, fabulous and talented than their brand and online presence is reflecting. So many wildly talented entrepreneurs that are missing this major component in their endeavors. And it thrills me to no end to align the two.

I also work with a phenomenal Marketing Consultant, Melinda Wolf, who will take the amazing brand that my team builds for you and work with you on strategy sessions to give you detailed plans of how to take it out into your industry.

I offer FREE consultations where we get on the phone and chat about what you’re looking for, needing and I even will ask prodding questions that will give both of us a better idea of where you want to go. I can then know how to best support you and give you a detailed Pricing Proposal and from there we LAUNCH!

CONTACT US today and let us know how we can best support you.


  1. Great article. I know what you mean its taken four years to be sure of what my plan is.

    • Super common for so many to do this Chris! And it’s never too late to dream and set a good, firm direction for your business 😉


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